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Decent Plumber & Heating Engineers offers most excellent plumbing service to our customers in Essex. When our customers contact us for plumbing service, we provide them with technically qualified and well experienced Essex plumbers to our customer’s location. Our plumbers in Essex can carry out every kind of plumbing jobs which includes fixing, repairing, installation and maintenance of residential & commercial customers.
For emergency plumbing in Essex, we are the one stop solution.

Even a small leakage can give you a big unpleasant surprise if the problem is not detected and solved on time. Don’t panic! Decent Plumber & Heating Engineers is now here to provide an experienced team of plumbers to help residential as well as commercial clients with plumbing service like bathroom installations, installing pumps, bleeding radiators, water leak detection, removing old water tanks, power flushing and so on. We provide expert plumbing service for water leaks, bathrooms, toilets or kitchen sink problems. All work that is undertaken by our engineers carries Decent Plumber & Heating Engineers extensive written guarantee and is backed by the assurance hat you are using one of the most respected names in the business.

We provide you the highest quality work and treat your home and the problems like our own. We respond to every need as quickly as possible. We are experienced as well as stocked with wide array of materials required to solve most plumbing problems. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and guarantee quality workmanship when you have any issues related to plumbing. We are focused on cost saving by providing the right service to prevent further damage the very first time you make us your choice. We strive to be the best and we are the best.

Traps and Vents
Overflows and Overflow repairs
Pipe Work
Burst Pipes
Hot Water Problems
Immersion Heaters
Repair and install of water heaters

Getting professional plumbing services is usually an important part of the maintenance of any establishment, whether it’s a residential or commercial property. Even if there are many different kinds of plumbing works someone can do on their own, it’s still recommended to get the help of expert plumbers – specifically when the issue demands the work of skilled and well-trained technicians – to avoid causing further damage or unwanted accidents. This is where you can rely and trust in Decent Plumber & Heating Engineers, known for delivering quality and inexpensive plumbing works for clients in the Essex area.

Being a locally owned and managed company, we only work with hard working, trustworthy and highly skilled technicians that will bring outstanding works to our friends and neighbors in the area where our services is available. We take pride in having these professional plumbers that are always keen in giving excellent workmanship that will fix or improve the function of our clients property. Moreover, we also do emergency plumbing which is available 24/7 and even during Holidays. That’s how dedicated we are in serving our valued customers.

We don’t choose small or big projects; our licensed and bonded plumbers can do any of them since we continuously provide them with training, as well as supply them with enough knowledge on how to properly and successfully finish any plumbing project swiftly, while at the same time protecting the establishment, including its surrounding from damages. We can guarantee you that our plumbers are very proficient in finding the exact plumbing issue inside your home or business so you can avoid paying for additional repair fees.

Majority of plumbing problems call for precise technical skills and knowledge. The benefit of hiring the service of professional companies like us is that we have the necessary tools, skills, experience and people to handle any kind of plumbing demands you might have; which is often not possible when you get amateur or part-time plumbers. We treat every home or office that we work with just like our own; that’s why we always end up giving our customers satisfying results.

Hiring our professional plumbing contractors will ensure that you get top-notch, precise and affordable service with warranty coverage, plus backed with a satisfaction guarantee.

Contact us now if you are in need of trustworthy and highly skilled plumbers to take care of your plumbing repair, installation or maintenance.


  • Fixing Burst Pipes
  • Repair of Faucets
  • Repairing and Fitting of Toilets and Showers
  • Renovation of Kitchen Pipes, Kitchen Sinks, Remodelling, Drain System
  • Renovation Piping of Old and New Homes
  • Installation and Repairing of Gas Lines
  • Repairing Water Tank Leaks
  • Repairing and Fitting Central Heating Radiators
  • Fixing and Installing Immersion Heaters
  • Fixing and Installation of Dishwashers, Fridges and Washing Machines
  • Installation and Repairing of Gas Boilers and Cylinders


  • Installing, repairing, replacing & upgrading of industrial & commercial boilers
  • Combination boiler repair & replacements
  • Condensing boiler repair & replacements
  • System boiler repair & replacements
  • Installation or upgrading to condensing boilers
  • System design & installation
  • Heating Issue detection fans, pumps, thermostats, wiring gas values, controls motorized valves, manual and electronic programs
  • Yearly service to combination boilers, condensing boilers and system boilers
  • Balancing of system and thermostatic radiator valves
  • Redirecting of gas supply via pipe work
  • Gas fired unvented hot water cylinders


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